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Back into Editing

February 18, 2011

The interviews I’ve conducted over the last 4 weeks have inspired me to finally get around to tagging some things I acquired last year and to add a new release to the DB. This new release actually turned into much more work than I’d expected: the artist, Scattered Trees, wasn’t in there, and neither was the band’s label, Roll Call Records. The album isn’t due out until April, but I got a download link from their PR company, so I have it. Trying to figure out what to provide as evidence for the release was a little worriesome, so I just threw the kitchen sink of sources in the comment box.

I also wasn’t sure how to put Roll Call Records in there. The label is its own label, but they also apparently work with EMI so the email from the PR folks said “Roll Call Records/EMI” which is confusing. In hindsight, it should probably just be Roll Call Records but I don’t know. We’ll see how the voting goes.

In other news, if anyone still happens to be reading this blog and would like to talk to me about using MBz for no more than an hour (chat, Skype, or phone), please contact me!

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