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Lyrics come to MusicBrainz

February 25, 2010

Yesterday, MusicBrainz announced that they’d reached an agreement with LyricWiki that will allow MB to include relationships between tracks and lyrics over at LyricWiki.

As of today, the two projects are going to be able to work together better than ever. Now that LyricWiki has obtained licensing, MusicBrainz can now link to song lyrics without worrying about legal issues. LyricWiki has given explicit permission to MusicBrainz to do so and MusicBrainz has added LyricWiki links (as an AR type) to their standard.

This is awesome! I’m not sure I understand why LyricWiki had to clear licenses just to allow MB to hyperlink to LyricWiki pages but I’m guessing it has something to do with ASCAP. Oh, ASCAP.

It’s also another job that needs to be done in the database because, like Amazon cover art, the relationships between MB entities and LyricWiki URLs have to be entered manually. But work aside, having direct links to lyrics from MB is a pretty sweet addition, and brings the project a step closer to really becoming a music encyclopedia. And because LyricWiki is user-contributed too, not only is MB expanding their sources, they’re expanding their OPEN sources to include another corner of the open source/peer-produced domain. Plus I can expand my own project to adding and editing lyrics if they are missing or just really suck. In fact, I just realized that only a handful of Silver Jews tracks have lyrics listed. I know what I’m doing tonight…

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