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Suffrage, at last!

February 17, 2010

After my whining yesterday, I learned from a commenter who’d found this blog through MB that, in MB-speak, “at least 10” means 11. (Said helpful commenter has since edited the FAQ to clarify.) Today I woke up and saw that I now have 24 accepted edits, doubling the requirement and… drum roll please… enabling me to vote. Woo! Now I’m faced with an entirely new challenge: how to vote, and I don’t mean system-wise. I’m desperately afraid of voting yes on something that should be no, and I am not sure if every edit warrants a vote since many of my edits were accepted without votes. This, however, has really shown me how important it is to add a note when making an edit, something I did half-assedly at the beginning. It really helps in determining how to vote because it’s a nice at-a-glance summary of what an editor did and why. For example:

Voting Dilemma

Led Zeppelin edit dilemma.

In this example, an editor added the Complete Studio Recordings as a ReleaseGroup of type: Compilation. My first instinct was to vote yes, since this is, in fact, true. However, upon closer inspection, no releases were listed in this release group, and it is already in MB with a complete list of releases. So what do I do? I could vote NO and add a note with a link to the complete release group. Or I could simply link to the complete group and ask if it’s different. I went with the latter.

Zep Edit dilemma: the response.

But what’s even more awesome than being able to vote—Achievement Unlocked!—is that a couple people from the MB community found there way to this project blog and commented in very helpful and supportive ways. So, thanks!

While we’re on the subject of Led Zeppelin, I found this entry for Led Zepplin [sic] while searching for that misspelling. It’s pretty obviously a typo, since the only “release” is “Psychical Graffiti” [sic, again] and one of the edits includes the note “Psychical Graffiti is available for download under the Creative Commons noncommercial sampling plus license at” Yeah, that can’t be right. But I can’t seem to find a delete button for this and I’m not sure what the protocol is. Back to the forums…

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